6 Easy Steps to Sighting in a Turkey Gun

November 4, 2020 0 Comments

When you start to hunt turkey, you first need to determine which form of weapon and gauge you plan to use. Make sure the weapon is enough to hunt turkey. In addition , make sure the firearm is enough for you as well. You don’t want a gun that’s heavy so you can handle anything.

1. When you start seeing a Turkish pistol, I would agree, you start with a small load of 7 to 8 and about 15 yards. Start with shooting at three different destinations, too. These shots will tell you whether your weapon is fired straight, left, right, medium , or high without the heavy pain of the three bullets, or maybe 3.5 inches. When you establish your weapon, we’re going to the accessories to shoot the dead center.


2. If possible, you must buy a few different shock tubes for your shotgun, since the shotgun can fire differently from one tube. It will take several pictures from every tube to decide the best pattern.

3. Then figure out what size your shell has to fire 3 or maybe 3.5 centimetres, or maybe try both sizes to figure out if you fire better than anyone else’s. Remember, for a box of ten, those shells will cost around 8 bucks.


4. You will need a range of shell models in various shooting sizes to start with. You will have to try every brand and shot with all the different chokes to see which brand and what size the best shot patterns for your weapon. It may be a really time-consuming job at the beginning, but trust me to pay off the big tom. Do not even hesitate to use any defensive shoulder against turkey arms’ vicious recoil.

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5. Take the time to analyse each shot and record the sheet details. Set the shell, the brand, the once, and shot load. It normally takes five shots or maybe BB’s to kill a turkey successfully. Therefore, keep track of the numbers and yard of shots in the critical.


6. When you narrow down what ammunition and shock tube give you the best pattern, you start to back up five metres a time before you can’t put enough BBs in the vital. Perhaps the most important aspect of Turkish hunting is to realise that you have limits with weapons and that you are not relaxed and secure in the range.

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