A Federal Firearms License For Collectors – The Curios and Relics License (C&R FFL)

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If your interest in old weapons is passionate, fifty, or maybe more mature, you are a collector of guns, you have a special federal firearms licence that may be the best for you. It is classified as Weapons License Collectors – C & R) FFL, a category 3 licence also known. In twenty-seven CFR 478.11, subpart B of these weapons, the accurate significance typically includes most old rifles, such as those for the First and second world wars.

One important thing to remember is that this is a licence for collecting such weapons rather than a dealer permit. As a result, you can buy weapons and not sell them as a distributor. However you can sell these weapons periodically for the benefit of your set. For instance, if you are trying to upgrade a weapon in your current set, you can sell the one you have.

It helps you to purchase weapons from a dealer, which is the primary advantage of a C&R licence. You will be able to order


It was sent straight from the catalogue or maybe online, without first being sent to a dealer. The benefit of this is that you usually pay less for your firearms by removing this additional move.


It is both the fastest and most inexpensive one of the FFL licences to get a C&R licence. The C&R permit fee is $30.00, which is perfect for three seasons.

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You must fill out two forms for your licence: ATF F 7FR (5310.16), and ATF Form 5330.20 in order to receive your C&R licence. Both are available on the ATF website online. You must complete two copies of 7FR after you have received the forms. The first is sent to the BATF with your payment of $30.00. The following is addressed to your local Chief Law Officer. This would probably be the police chief of your town, or the top of any surrounding department of sheriffs. Call them and inquire, if you are unsure of who you are. The next one, AFT Form 5330.20. You must complete. This is the type of international enforcement that fundamentally decides your residence.


Since a C&R licence is targeted at collectors, documentation rarely exists. You are only obliged to hold a so-called Bound Book. This is just a record of your purchases and shopping after receiving your licence. In case you sell a firearms and do not have to complete Form 4473 there will be no background checks required.


Finally, the ATF has a detailed details on its website, if in doubt. They list the types of weapons under a C&R licence, the detailed licencing conditions, and information on future inspections. As you can see, the C&R FFL is particularly targeted at collectors and was built to be very easy to obtain. So if you are looking for a permit to collect older weapons and guns that are classified as artefacts and curiosity, this is the permit for you.

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