Case Study – Busch Recycling Bins Used at TD Canada Trust

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Summary of management
TD Canada Trust changed fully in 2007/2008, with the establishment of a new internal programme across Canada, the way recycling was practised in the financial industry. TD has launched the Busch recycling baskets, marketing materials and strategies at some 1,100 retail locations across the country. This case study will explore how the recycling activities of the system have affected the financial sector and how Busch recycling containers have helped achieve the objectives of the programme.


Trust in TD Canada

• The Toronto Dominion Bank’s affiliate

• Canadian consumers more than eleven million

• More than 1,100 enterprises and 2,600 ATM green machines

• One of Canada’s best employers, according to the annual media corps’ Top 100 Ranking of Employers in Canada’ •

International Busch Systems

• In the last 20 years the North American leader in container waste, compost and recycling

• Set industry standard for new yearly container recycling designs

• Each container is 100% recyclable, and North America generates at least 35% recycled material.

Containers for recycling

• 30″ Rubbish Watchers

• Recycling bins on desk side

• Mini 28 quarter of promotional bins for recycling •

Case Study: Busch Recycling Bins Used At TD Canada Trust | Busch Systems  Blog

Research: Analysis

The TD Canada Trust initiated a new internal recycling initiative for its branch list locations across Canada during 2007/2008 with the goal of minimizing the quantity of waste being shipped to waste sites and also increasing the diversion rate of recycling.

The recycled desk side case •

• Waste Watcher Recycling Bins of 30″ were easily put at each plate place and were fitted with bags for bio degradation. The bags are emptied until done into the three Waste Watchers in the lunchrooms. The containers together form a central recycling facility. In order to aid employees in the material separation process, the bank used custom name, colour and shape choice for openings of containers. Brail was also added to help TD Canada Trust persons with visual impairments above any Mark. The collected programme:

• Dosts/flasks.

• Bill.

• Cardboard/Fiberboard.

• Garbage.


The custom labelling and opening options provided by Busch Systems were attracted to TD Canada Trust. The Bank also liked the recycling containers of Busch not to take up a lot of space but still deliver enormous functions. The room available to each retail industry location is restricted to operate a recycling programme efficiently. A highly effective as well as space effective recycling programme has been established through the Busch recycling bins

• You can slip right under the counters and drawers •

• The potential to construct a smart recycling plant with a minimal footprint and a decent design • The use of internal bag hooks to conceal bags inside central plants. • The sacks also saved natural resources and expenses by eighteen percent.


What happened to the content after it was moved into waste watchers’ recycling bins was the biggest challenge for TD Canada Trust. TD tried to make things simple and functioned evenly throughout the collection process. Three types of pickup methods were described weekly/weekly:

• Society focused on the municipal selection of curbside

• Building based on mall or perhaps square sites, which is coordinated on property owners

• Waste carrier based on TD Canada Trust for collection The TD Canada Trust was developed for bank locations that have not got access to neighborhood or building-based programmes. The bank has partnered with local waste transporters and arranged for the introduction of programmes. This was a brand different recycling strategy. They had to get the supplies from central locations straight in the facilities. Previously, the transport operators were used primarily to empty large metal containers outside the plants.


In order to simplify the brand new collection process, TD Canada Trust relied on their new recycling machines. The recycling containers provided by Busch:

• Internal bag hooks to ensure there is no bag missing stuff. This removes time waste from the bottom of the containers

• Facilities to remove decks that allow carriers to reach bags easily.

• Simple grip handles on the upper and lower side of the container to make it easy to transportable and empty. Equipment was selected and stored after the recycling process has been identified. To start the system in retail locations, the bank developed advertising tools and communication. The recycling products and equipment that Busch supplied were available at each location. TD Canada Trust has also delivered a logo and environmental slogan stamped mini recycling bins. The containers were packed with guidance on the software and were designed for informing and exciting TD workers to use the brand new system.


The result

All in all, TD clients and staff had so much to manage. The recycling initiative and items contributed to the bank’s green brand and lifestyle. TD is famous with the Environment Foundation “Friends of theirs of the Environment Foundation” and other green initiatives.

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