Cubicle Culture: Etiquette in Open Office Spaces

December 20, 2020 0 Comments

In every office it is necessary to respect the work spaces of others and to be mindful of your own presentation. If you have an open space, architectural considerations and behaviour, when your office layout consists of cubicles. The shared office will impact surrounding coworkers and the normal office setting through any aspect of your workspace — the voice quantity, smoothness, and the perfume you apply in the beginning of the morning. In addition, a manager or even a supervisor will see workers in a far more detailed manner through this form of set-up: another excuse to keep yourself sharp. Finally, it is important that the limits of a cabinet are understood by not interrupting a colleague at any given time.

A cubicle is a standalone bureau, but not necessarily like a closed door can be handled. If you are seated in a cubicle you will most likely be reminded of this everyday by your vicinity and by the proximity to the general office climate. Nonetheless the action of the Cubicle is always too close for comfort. Some easy things to do to maintain a relaxed and friendly open office atmosphere are described here:

Manage the number of your voice. This involves informal conversation with friends and telephone conversation. It is difficult to remember to keep the voice down on the phone, particularly if it is a phone – and the caller’s voice can easily rise to a scream when the connection is terrifying, without even understanding that. Tone down the pitch, therefore, if you are inclined to talk loudly. Even don’t use a speaker phone; the anonymity of the call is unsettling for some.


Keep away from heavy fragrances. Heavy perfumes and colognes will waft into neighboring cubicles and annoy colleagues with allergies or even fragrance sensitivities. Naturally, if lunchtime involves a tuna sandwich or some other meal with a strong smell, consider eating in a breakfast or even a cafeteria instead of at your table.


Keep clean and tidy your office. In fact, this is your own personal room for personalization and preservation. However a messy job space plays a role in the office’s overall experience and climate – particularly when there are 10 messy work spaces in succession. This is an excellent tip for your own business image; a manager, supervisor, or visitors may negatively judge you based on a messy and chaotic workplace. This is also an excellent tip for your mind.

Great presentation and management of the workspace is an important contribution to the entire office world. Likewise, it is important to respect the individuality and limits of others’ work spaces in a cubicle configuration. You should not just barge into your room even though the cubicles do not have doors. Try to flash on the cabinet wall without going directly into their office or even say excuse me.” Try to send a quick email to ask for 5 minutes to talk, particularly when it’s great time for a coworker to get busy or may not be interrupted. This shows you don’t count on talking to them instantly and respecting their workload and space.

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An open office or even a cabinet layout has the advantages of being communal and cost-effective. And when colleagues understand the space’s proximity and value others’ stations, they will definitely function in accordance with these kinds of office locations.

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