How Does Cryptocurrency Gain Value?

October 25, 2020 0 Comments

Cryptocurrencies have been recognized as part of the money system, as the new ‘big deal’ in the electronic world. In reality, lovers have called it ‘the money revolution.’

In simple terms, cryptocurrencies are decentralised digital assets that can be traded without the need for a central authority, the bulk of which is generated by special computing techniques known as mining.


Acceptance as a legal tender of the currencies such as the American Dollar, the Grand Prix and the Euro does not rely, however, on the faith and trust of the general public in the issuer, digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies are not the same. This defines its worth by a few variables.


Factors to determine the cryptocurrencies worth


Free market economy principles (essentially supply and demand)


The value of something of value, including cryptocurrencies is a major factor in supply and demand. This is because if many more people are able to purchase others and a cryptocurrency exchange is willing to sell, the prices would rise for this particular cryptocurrency and vice versa.

Adoption of Mass


Mass adoption of any cryptocurrency will shoot its moon price. That’s why many cryptocurrencies, which cut their supply to a specific limit, would lead to a rise in price of that particular product, based on financial principles, without a sufficient increase in supply.


Multiple cryptocurrencies have spent even more money to ensure their mass acceptance, with many concentrating on their own cryptocurrencies being relevant to pressing personal problems, and even to vital daily cases in order for them to be indispensable to everyday life.


Inflation in Fiat


When fiat money, such as GBP or USD, inflates, prices increase and buying power falls. This can then lead to a rise in cryptocurrencies (using Bitcoin for example). The bottom line is that with more bitcoin you will be able to receive even more of the fiat. In fact, this specific scenario listed the key reasons for the price increase of Bitcoin.


History of Cyber Attack


Scams and hacks are the key factors that have an effect on cryptocurrencies, as wild fluctuations in valuations are known to trigger. The team which supports a cryptocurrency can in some instances be the scammers, pumping the price of a cryptocurrency into suspicious individuals as they spend their hard earned money, the cost of the scammers that then vanish without a trail. Their costs are reduced.


Therefore, caution must be taken before investing your money in cryptocurrency scams.


Different other factors that influence the value of cryptocurrencies are to be considered:


In addition to energy, protection, convenience and cross border acceptability, the manner in which the cryptocurrency is stored

Group power to help the cryptocurrency (including the allegiance of its founders, creativity and financing)

Low-related risk to consumers and investors of the cryptocurrency

Feeling of news

Cryptocurrency industry cash and uncertainty

Country rules (including prohibition of ICOs and cryptocurrency in China and recognition of them in Japan as a legal tender)

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