Liverpool Vs Chelsea

October 15, 2020 0 Comments

In the case of Liverpool in the Anfield premiere game in February, Chelsea will need to reverse a bad record in the Big 4 matches.

On paper, Chelsea’s longest record this season will make them worth wagering on 8 wins, 2 draws and just one defeat. But a closer look reveals the victories over weaker adversaries.


Of Chelsea’s last 7 games against four adversaries of the Major, they have drawn three and lost four, including 3 0 concealed from Old Trafford. Neither their new patch form offers a great opportunity to bettors who wish to back Chelsea: 2 draws were applied to their last 3 Premiership away games.

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Chelsea’s wonderful news is that Liverpool has struggled for its first title in the League since 1990. The football champions are not a string of 4 draws and 2 victories from the last 6 matches in Anfield.

With the discovery of Chelsea wins out of reach and Liverpool fails to win homes, a draw is the enticing betting choice for sports. However, the two sides understand the advantages of three points following Manchester United ‘s passage.


Of course, both teams felt the heat and show signs of stress from Old Trafford. Nicolas Anelka, a Chelsea striker, talked this week about the “supreme necessity” of beating Liverpool if his side is usually challenged by the premiers of the league, echoing his manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari. Many pressures from Chelsea seem self-imposed.


In the meantime, Liverpool also displayed signs of Manchester United feeling threatened as Boss Rafa Benitez waged a well known word war with rival Sir Alex Ferguson. The provision by Ferguson of Manchester United ‘s failure will soon take any rival heart.


A distant victory for Chelsea would be critical. In the 2005 and 2006 Premier League races, the victories at Anfield for the side of José Mourinho were significant landmarks. A distant win will also restore Old Trafford ‘s confidence three weeks ago.


Chelsea is conscious that they must begin to defeat the Big 4 teams. The rot started in October when Liverpool finished an unbeaten 86-game in the Stamford Bridge Premier League with a missed Xabi Alonso goal. There followed another loss in Arsenal home, and Manchester United was then defeated.


Liverpool must recuperate their inspiring shape in December that saw them in Newcastle 5 1 away. A steady stream of sketches would not suffice to lift the prize.


Expect targets if both sides are forced to succeed. Curious football players will learn that almost 20% of the strikes in Chelsea have happened between the 60th and the 50th minutes this season. In comparison, between the 80th and the 70th minute, Liverpool scored nearly 18% of its goals. Spread betters should also bear in mind that in 6 of their last 7 weeks, Chelsea has 1-0 down against the Big 4 opposition at half-time, which is able to equal half of them.

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