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Internet games are among the best way to destroy men and women for a few hours, but also online games can be addictive and play for long periods of time. The most successful online games tend to be easiest, but when you complete a match that you really enjoy it can still be depressing. Can I share some of the best online games you can play if you want a good time to kill.

Monster Den is one of the best online RPG games, but elementary graphics make it extremely simple. It is still many of the most enjoyable to have RPG games online, and you have many options in terms of class, skills, achievements and other aspects of the character you make. You just go through the game to destroy your enemies, upgrade your items and improve your characters. It will take you weeks to complete this game, but it will be time to have fun.


King’s Island is a fantastic adventure game you can enjoy, even though it’s very much like an RPG. Your character begins with nothing and, when your king resolves a peasant rebellions, you can upgrade your character. The weapons strengthen as your opponents get stronger and you can earn a lot of money to destroy your enemies, coins that can be used to purchase refurbishments. This game is amazing, as you are completely involved in the development of your character and can spend hours murdering and sitting warriors and farmers while they attack you.

Rem Remover is an interesting puzzle game that’s strangely adorable and funny. You have a lot of white boxes to press for, but you need to save your green boxes from dropping into their own ruin. The faces on the boxes are cute, and you’ll have to play for hours as well.


Counter Strike fans can find that Paradise Paintball is the best online game to play, mixing classic online paintball with a Counter Strike feel to entice all hard CS fans.

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Eternal Red is similar to your standard game for the protection of your tower, but in a side action that is paired with a battle game. You don’t just set up your weapons and turrets to pull the enemies that are liberated from the Hell portal, but you also arm the character and face the enemies.


My Hobo is a special game that is an RPG but features a hobo as the game’s hero. Your talents include begging skills, the amount of canisters you can obtain and the level of respect you can receive. This texts based game is 1 for those who love classics, but with these online games you can spend several hours taking your hobo to the top of the slums.


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