Top 4 Bike Racing Games Online

January 26, 2021 0 Comments

In 2007, comScore said 217 million people played online games around the world. Currently there are obviously more online games than that. Furthermore, bike competition is one of the world’s popular choices for newbies and passionate games.

From what I have researched, it’s the thrill of racing, which leads people to make online racing games ever more popular with the attraction to challenge other players from around the world.


I’m not speed junkie, but here’s my list of several renowned online bike racing games:


Maniac Cyclo v1.02 (Rate: 9/10 based on ratings of 51319)

20 Best Bike Racing Games for PC: Enjoy Riding - Games Bap

Zoom across various fields to make money and improve your driving skills. You can also choose various terrains when you unlock the levels. Quite easy to begin, take care during stunts.


BMRex (rate: 9/10 on the basis of 2642)


It’s funny this game. It’s a T Rex cycling and stunts are drawn off, do I have to say more?


It’s a bright, exciting game that is very easy to get familiar with. But watch out for the surprises everywhere on the way! If you can’t do an excursion on the Pterodactyl in level three, you will lose a life! It’s full of surprises, in fact.


(Rating: 9/10, based on 21612 ratings) Nitro Ninjas


True Ninja style runs through the city. Carry out stunts and gain points. It is more difficult to win. But if you like ninja subjects like a murderer or maybe a helicopter kick, you’ll find that for you. It’s for you.

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Rush up to 3 (rating: 11138 ratings on 9/10)


This is the last of the most popular online bike racing games. You start in the beautiful town of Paris and build rooftops too!


There are many attributes that you can turn on which to stay on your way – map, tips, including a fantasy cycle that will show the way. Or maybe you can just start the test mode before you start the race.


There are a lot more online competition games you can look at online, from real world racing to outdoor galaxies even. Regardless of whether you are a novice or a passionate gamer, you can take yours from today’s list of cycling games.

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