What Are LED Strip Lights?

November 20, 2020 0 Comments

A flexible lighting solution that enables users to produce professional lighting results with minimal effort, is called the LED Strip Lights, also called LED Tapes.

These elastic self adhesive LED strips run at 12 volts and can be cut every 5 to 10 cm in respect to the type of strip you buy. In addition, when using LEDs, you use much less energy than the old fluorescent strip lights and also last a little longer making them much more economical.


Two key varieties of LED lights are available, with colour and colour adjustments. Single-color bands are in cool and warm grey and are suitable for secret or subtle lighting. Most customers mount them to their kitchen armoires and tick boards, exactly in which they create an attractive and helpful light, but they can certainly also be used in addition to focusing, highlighting or even additional atmosphere all over the building.

Color-changeable strip lights use a special form of LED to combine blue, green and red light (RGB) to produce a wide variety of colors. This can be used in most exact same colour applications, but allow the user to move between dynamic and static colour choices with a variety of control units.


When selecting LED strips, very few factors like the lights, driver, chip size, length and IP rating have to be considered.


The strength/humidity of a strip depends on how many LEDs it uses. In reality the SMDs (Surface mounted devices), which are available in 2 sizes small (3528) and large (5050), are the LEDs used by strip lights. As a rule, the higher LEDs, the better the strip. The more LEDs per metre, the higher the total.


When these Strips run at 12VDC, a device called an LED driver is needed that “steps down the power voltage (240VAC). This unit is the most common one. These may normally be purchased or sold individually as part of a strip light kit. The full load for all drivers is enough to accommodate the power consumption of lights.


Whereas streak lights can be purchased by the metre, its duration can also be shortened if appropriate. This can be achieved by cutting between the designated “cutting points.”


Finally, a sprinkler or perhaps waterproof layer renders even lighting lights, bathroom and outdoor kitchens a good idea. You really need to familiarize yourself with the concept of IPs or maybe Ingress Security Ratings before you decide on a waterproof alternative.

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