Where To Get Your Security Guard License?

Security guards don’t seem like most jobs because you might have to obtain a state license to work legally based on your place of residence. It’s not a common process for all states in America to have your security guard license, so it is important for you to find out where and how you can get it. In terms of a security guard that you wish to get a job, the procedure will be different. The requirement for a license will vary from unarmed security guard to conventional lists of security guards, corporate guards, mall security officers and related posts, to armed security guards.

Who Issues a License for Security Guard?


Guard licenses are issued or may not be based on the state in which you live and also are going to work by different government agencies. Each state has a variety of regulations and a government office to issue licenses for security guards and officers. It is the state public service department, the public security department, the criminal justice department, the professional authorization office or perhaps another similar government agency that are the most common government departments dealing with license applications. A great and easy way of researching which state office handles the license you need is to visit the state’s website. You can browse the various search or licensing departments from their website. In case this isn’t also useful for your questions, you can usually find a telephone number or maybe email address under the “Contact Us” section of the site to ask somebody your question.

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Will I use a school for security guards or maybe a training facility?


Ultimately, a non-governmental school or training center won’t have the opportunity to issue you a licence. In addition to helping with the application process, it will help you meet training requirements. In some cases, third party schools or perhaps training centers are actually responsible for licensing you if you work for them that helps to simplify your work. However, in every State this is not suitable or even practiced.


How do I get a license application?


In order to be able to effectively obtain a licence, you must first apply to the registration and license management department based on the state you want to work in. Today, applications for security guards can be easily filled in and sent in a number of ways. Almost all departments accept completed paper applications for your departmental license in person. Many agencies accept requests submitted by U.S. Mail. An easier way to submit your licensing application is usually by filling in and sending it through the online agency portal or licensing center.

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Do you have any license requirements?


Each state can make its own requirements so that it is essential to stay within the licensing department’s instructions. The requirements will vary but you can usually look to be able to fulfill the following:


Be 18 years old or even older

Have a completely clean history of crime

Any mandatory state training has been completed successfully

Send an actual fingerprint set and picture